Beginning to frame my Design Principles

As we move from the research phase to concept development I am keen to take the opportunity to work through a few processes. I started by framing my design challenge as I have always felt it helps focus my thoughts. With a design challenge/problem in place the next logical step for me is to define some design principles. Using the IDEO design kit approach and inspiration from an early comment by Chris Messina, I was drawn to the following statement,

“How high we deliver convenience, personalisation and decision support while our customers are on the go with a limited attention span”

Like the image I have chosen to accompany this blog post I like how with the clouds you can start to see clarity and can begin to focus on the destination. The statement above encapsulates the following key points which are the beginning thoughts of my design principles;


The solution must work for the user.


The solution must feel familiar and be customisable.

Decision Support

It should help with solving problems, not create them.

On the Go

It must be mobile.

Limited attention span

It should be asynchronous in nature and not require the full attention of the user.

I suspect I will write and rewrite these many times over the course of the project but at this moment I hold strongly to the structure and ambition as it stands.

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