User Centred Design Canvas

User Centred Design Canvas & Major Project Idea Iteration 0.1

Scrolling through my twitter feed recently I stumbled upon a new tool for user experience designers called the “User Centred Design Canvas”. Had it been another time I may have swiped on by but after our recent module on Social Entrepreneurship at the Smurfit Business School something piqued my interest. I am also at a point where I felt I needed to start defining my project idea. I was on the search for some tool to help me get their. To some respect it did and let me explain how.

During our Entrepreneurship module we had the opportunity to put a business idea through the Lean Business Canvas which is an adaptation of the Business Model canvas. This tool or methodology is favoured by startups who wish to start defining business goals quickly and action them. These are all extensions of the original ‘Business Plans’ but are much quicker and dirtier to get you moving. I really liked it and pushed our team to put our Environmental project through some tough questions we hadn’t considered previously.

UCDC Canvas

So back to today and the User Centred Design Canvas. This is a natural extension of the Lean Canvas created by designers Alina Prelicz and Lezek Zawadski. From their site they describe the canvas as;

USER CENTERED DESIGN CANVAS was created out of need for an easy and effective tool facilitating user experience design process. Heavily based on user-centered approach and inspired by other great tools such as Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas, the tool enables a comprehensive analysis of users’ and business’ main goals.

As I mentioned I was struggling to define my project. I knew my general focus was going to be around chatbots and/or conversational commerce. I wanted to see if I could put this loose concept through this model and see what would come out.

Although I know the method should be reserved for when you have completed user research or have a business/product idea. I thought it would be a useful exercise to see what I could tease out of my idea at this stage.

The principal is straight forward and I won’t go in to much detail here as it can be read in much more detail on their site or look at this use case here on UX Mag.

To summarise though – you start with your product/idea and you bring it through a set of questions to see if you have considered various elements to your product, with the ultimate hope that you can frame a unique value proposition.

The key takeaways for my project idea are:

  • The idea needs to be focused around an existing platform like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Slack
  • The idea will consider the motivations of the user – are they using this potential service just because it is new?
  • The idea cannot be complicated or make the task harder in any way
  • Potential solutions and design considerations would be to look at Google Cards, Card carousels and WeChat implementations
  • The service must meet the users where they are at now

These all may be fairly obvious but it has helped me frame my project idea to it’s first iteration. It goes;

This is an opportunity to design a solution that can bring existing services or businesses to where their customers are now – social messaging apps.

As I said – This is version 0.1 but we got to start somewhere… right?

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