Understanding the Behavioural Problem

As this project didn’t have much scope for a deep user research phase we took on approach of storytelling and body-storming the typical journey of a Cup. We got a whiteboard together and through our own experiences we drew out a typical use case of where a cup can be abandoned. With this task undertaken we were able to identify 3 opportunities for design.

  1. The first is when a user takes the cup from the kitchen and in transit could be distracted and leave the cup down somewhere
  2. The second is on a desk or workspace where a user can consume the hot beverage and ignore afterwards
  3. The third and final is when a user has the intension to clean the cup but only gets as far as dropping it in the sink

As a group we took these 3 problem areas and began exploring or concept sketching some ideas to solve this.

You can read these in more detail on our blog post here

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