Semester One Reflection

It’s good to take time to reflect on past work and past experiences. No time is better than a nice break between Semester 1 and Semester 2.

What I have learnt

Without doubt it has been the opportunity to take a step back and focus on processes and tools that are so vital for all stages of a successful project. At this point to have an understanding and confidence with some fundamentals of Research methods like heuristic analysis, user testing, task analysis and service blueprints has been so valuable. Having confidence to apply these processes and toolkits to projects is a huge take-away.

What I have achieved 
The biggest thing I think I have achieved is confidence (not sure I need more of this?) in pushing for user centre design lead projects. I have seen first hand the benefit of combining user research with design execution in projects internally in college and externally through work.

What I still need to learn
While we have been exposed to many toolkits, processes and blueprints I believe there is still quite a bit to learn in applying these to projects. Specifically I am interested in learning how to present research to clients, external teams, project stakeholders, etc. Additionally I am looking forward to exploring more projects outside the website space. There has been huge benefit in the breakout projects that feed the critical thinking and creative processes that can be brought back to other projects. From a practical level I would like some experience with eye tracking and how this can support user research.

What my renewed/revised goals are for the MA
I don’t feel like my initial goals have changed. I am here to explore the field of interaction design, fully engage on user centred design projects and see where I can take this experience in the future.

What I want more/less of
If at all possible it would be great to have some more industry driven projects. The Spoonful of Sugar project had an edge to it unlike other projects as you were constantly thinking of the “client” and how your solutions would satisfy them. If there is anyway to tie in any upcoming projects to industry partners or briefs would be welcomed.

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